What is the dyeing procedure for the hoisting belt

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One of the differences between hoisting belt commodities is based on color. Color can be used as a symbol of the bearing range of hoisting belt commodities. Then how does the dyeing process of hoisting belt manufacturers proceed?
Choosing hoisting belt, it is necessary to be lifting the load on the scale, weight, appearance, and prepared by adopting the combined impact of the hoisting method using methods of coefficient on accounting thinking, about the goods together to pay attention to the choice of hoisting with raw materials, in addition we should pay great attention to the colour of the lifting belt, in general, the dyeing technology of lifting belt is as follows:
Hoisting belt dyeing needs to achieve pure color, uniform color, no significant color difference. Hoisting belt manufacturers.
If the color difference occurs during the hoisting and dyeing process of the belt, it can be treated by the following methods to reduce the color difference on the belt skin to a small size and then reach a uniform color light. 2%-4% Palegal-SF was put into the dyeing tank, adjusted with acetic acid with pH 4-5, heated up to 125-135℃, and treated in the dyeing tank for 1-2h at the beginning of heating dyeing.
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