How to use large tonnage flat lifting belt

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Flat lifting belt in the lifting of large objects, the collocation of the balance beam is also a certain requirement. Under normal circumstances, if the width of the hoisting object is 2 meters, then the width of the balance beam connected by the hoisting belt should be greater than 2 meters.
The purpose of this is to prevent the lifting object will cause wear on the synthetic fiber lifting belt webbing.
When lifting, the balance beam is placed above the suspended object, and the height part of the large object is easy to cause damage to the lifting belt when lifting. Therefore, the solution is to moderately increase the width of the balance beam, so that it can be separated from the lifting belt and the suspended object when lifting, so as to avoid the damage caused by friction between the two.
Before using the large tonnage lifting belt to connect the balance beam for lifting, it should be understood in detail to avoid damage caused by the use of details.
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