What are the precautions for the use of lifting belt sling

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1. It is strictly prohibited to overload the lifting belt.
2. If two lifting belts are needed in the lifting operation, the two lifting belts should be directly hung into the double hook at the same time, and must be hung in the symmetric force center position of the double hook; When four lifting belts are needed to be used together, every two lifting belts should be directly hung into the double hook, but it is necessary to pay attention to the lifting belts in the hook cannot overlap and squeeze each other, and the lifting belt should be symmetrical to the hook force.
3. When the hoisting belt is in use, the tying method is not allowed to surround.
4. Before lifting the lifting belt, check whether the lifting belt is directly hung into the force position of the hook. Note: The lifting belt cannot be hung on the tip of the hook for lifting.
5. When lifting the lifting belt, it is not allowed to cross, twist, knot and twist the lifting belt. The correct lifting belt special link piece should be used to link.
6. When the load of goods with sharp corners and edges is encountered, the hoisting belt must be protected by means of lifting sheath and lifting Angle guard, so as to prolong the service life of the lifting belt. Do not use sling directly on rough surface. Lest the sling is cut off by the edges and corners and rough surface scratch, resulting in the lifting is not successful.
7. Correct hoisting method should be adopted when hoisting pipe objects. Excessive hoisting Angle may cause security risks.
8. After using the lifting belt, do not press the articles on the lifting belt, which will cause damage to the lifting belt, and do not try to pull the lifting belt from below, which will cause danger. Use the object to cushion the lifting object, leaving enough space for the lifting belt to come out smoothly.
9. After use, the lifting belt should not be dragged on the ground or rough surface to avoid abrasion or cutting, which will affect the re-use.
10. The synthetic fiber hoisting belt should be suspended and stored after use. 11. In the lifting, do not twist the sling, do not let the sling knot; Avoid tearing the sewing joint or overworking;
12. When moving the hoisting object, do not drag the sling; Avoid grabbing or shaking to increase the load of the lifting belt;
13. Each lifting belt must be carefully checked before use, whether it is suitable for the use of the environment and the goods to be lifted; Nylon can resist most inorganic acids, but not alkali; Polypropylene almost immune to acid and alkali erosion, in addition to the need for chemical solvents; Nylon has the ability of resistance to acid, easy to face acid damage, in damp, the force loss can reach 15%;
14. In the process of lifting with lifting belt, it must be directed by personnel with relevant qualifications. Overload is strictly prohibited.
15. If it is found that the lifting object may have safety risks to the lifting belt during lifting, it is necessary to use sheath, Angle protection and other methods to protect the lifting belt, so as to prolong the service life of the lifting belt and eliminate safety risks.
16. When a single lifting belt is needed to lift the cylinder, double choke ring shall be used to bind it.
17. Due to the bending part of the hook using flat lifting belt in the width direction can not be evenly loaded, affected by the hook internal strength. The hook diameter is too small, and the ribbon loop eye joint is sufficient, should use the correct connection.
18. Correct hoisting method should be adopted when hoisting pipe objects, and the hoisting Angle should be less than 60
19. The opening Angle of the ring eye of the circular hoisting belt should not be greater than 20°, and the ring eye should not be broken during the hoisting process.
20. Safe use of lifting belt, please strictly follow the instructions for using synthetic fiber lifting belt.
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