The hoisting belt manufacturer will show you the two situations of the rupture of the synthetic fibe

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The hoisting belt manufacturer will show you the two situations of the rupture of the synthetic fiber hoisting belt.
Synthetic fiber sling is generally made of polyester industrial filament, with high strength, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, UV resistance and other advantages, soft texture, no conductive, no corrosion (no harm to human body), used in various fields. There are many kinds of sling, and the corresponding use method is also diversified. Different lifting methods correspond to different Z maximum working loads, so we need to operate in strict accordance with the instructions.
One breakage condition is that when the sling is overloaded, one of its manifestations is a crack in the sewing thread making a sound, and then the fragile part of product Z is that the eye part of the product will tear and have an irregular shape.
Another type of fracture is caused by improper use of the sling. This situation is characterized by a straight appearance of the fracture, no signs of fracture, industrial wire layout neat. Product use precautions clearly stipulate that hoisting should be checked before hoisting whether the hoisting object poses a threat to the hoisting. It is clearly stated that if sharp edges and corners are found, protective measures should be taken to protect the hoisting. Hoisting belt manufacturers.
Let's take a look at what you need to use a sling:
1. The lifting material shall not exceed the rated load.
2. Do not touch sharp or sharp objects directly.
3. Before each use, check whether the sling is intact.
4. Do not drag on the ground or objects with high friction.
5. Do not drag the lifting object when it is pressed on the sling.
6. When hoisting, the object to be lifted should be kept in a stable state.
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