Round Lifting Sling with what characteristics

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What characteristics does the lifting belt manufacturer introduce to you?
Round lifting belt, Z large load can reach 3000 tons, effective length can reach 100 meters, A full performance generally used 7:1, 6:1.
The circular lifting belt is made of polyester silk (100%PES) produced by polyester industry. The internal structure bearing core is stepless around to form a circulatory system, and 100PES is used to weave a waterproof sleeve without stress to maintain the bearing core.
The maintenance of the circular lifting belt is very simple, the damage caused by the collision in the lifting lifting is very widespread danger, and the circular lifting belt can only be flat design under the obvious collision, so the risk is zero.
If the lifting belt is seriously damaged, first of all, the waterproof casing outside is damaged and the bearing core will be exposed to show that the lifting belt has suffered harm; It has been shown in the same tests that internal structural damage is unlikely to occur if there is no visible injury to the external waterproof casing, while it may be detected through the waterproof casing if the bearing staple fibers of the internal structure have already broken. If there is a small scratch on the waterproof sleeve, it can be maintained with loose tape to prevent further cracking, but it must be carefully determined whether there is harm to the internal structure before it can continue to be used. If there is a large scratch on the waterproof casing, the manufacturer must check whether it can be repaired and continued use.
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