Lifting belt manufacturer to show you how to choose flat lifting belt

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Lifting belt manufacturer to show you how to choose flat lifting belt?
Whether the selection of flat lifting belt is correct directly affects the use and operation of the later stage, and the Z large workload of different lifting methods is different. When choosing the flat lifting belt, we must consider the size, weight, shape and lifting method of the heavy object. The given Z large load bearing tonnage and working environment directly affect the selection. When choosing the length, pay attention to the elongation rate. It is necessary to choose the appropriate length with sufficient ability to meet the use method. If hoisting loads are loaded at the same time, select the same type of sling and ensure that the specifications are not different.
Compared with the soft lifting belt, the flat lifting belt has a slightly wider surface flattening. The width and thickness of the flat lifting belt can not be changed randomly in the later stage of one-time weaving by 100%PES knitting machine. Our technicians will set the width and thickness in advance according to different tonnage. Ribbon weaving, according to the tonnage width unified arrangement of coloring, adjust the high temperature printing machine. Different width of the webbing heating color temperature has different requirements, the same machine in the same band temperature directly affects the Z final color difference problem. Different tonnage of webbing will be marked with different colors. At present, there are purple, green, yellow, gray, red, brown, blue, orange and so on. The next step is sewing. Different tonnage of the sling sewing method is different, different production technology is directly related to the tension.
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