Lifting belt manufacturers show you the thickness of lifting belt. Color. Method of measuring width

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Lifting belt manufacturers show you the thickness of lifting belt. Color. How to check width?
Lifting with a variety of specifications, different tonnage width and thickness are different, different colors on behalf of different tonnage.
1. Lifting belt thickness test, webbing thickness test, measurement standard for GB/T3820 has been implemented, but the standard requirements are still in line with the general standard of synthetic fiber flat sling. The standard clearly stipulates that the thickness of the webbing should be at least 2mm when the single-layer finished sling is made. The thickness of the webbing used for suturing multilayer slings should be at least 1.2mm. Hoisting belt manufacturers
2 color sling color test, ribbon color test can also be understood as the color test of sling. This test is a little complicated, but the actual test is pretty simple. The rubbing fastness of printing and dyeing webbing shall not be lower than the three grades specified in CB/T251. Level 3 data is well defined, but testing is time-consuming and laborious. After a long time of testing, it is found that the third standard is to rub the printing ribbon back and forth on ordinary white paper. If the white paper or white, printing and dyeing technology qualified. Hoisting belt manufacturers
3. Hoisting belt width test, this test is completely in line with the braided sling AN all YI. Part: Standard for flat suspenders of synthetic fibre for general use, also according to EN1492-1:2000. The width standard of synthetic webbing is divided into two error values, whether conventional or non-woven. When the nominal width of the webbing is not more than 100 mm, the allowable width deviation is ±10%, when the nominal width of the webbing is more than 100 mm, the allowable width deviation is ±8%. The nominal width here is the same as the normal nominal length. At present, the width of the national standard lifting belt is required between 25mm-320mm. For example, when the width of 1 ton sling requires the nominal width of 30mm, the deviation value is plus or minus 10% of 30mm, that is, ±3 mm error.
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