What are the differences between the white lifting belt and the color lifting belt

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The hoisting belt of national standard is according to the color to distinguish the tonnage. Purple represents one ton, green represents two tons, yellow represents three tons, gray represents four tons, red represents five tons, and orange represents ten tons. This is to take into account the lifting belt after a long time of use, the above sign may wear off, users can know according to the color of the maximum tonnage to avoid overload.
However, there is one color of lifting tape that is not mentioned above and that is white lifting tape. This is because the raw materials of white lifting belt and color lifting belt are different, so the tonnage can not be distinguished by color.
The color lifting belt is made of high-strength polyester filament, which has good ductility, while the white lifting belt is made of polypropylene, so the general *** coefficient of the color lifting belt is 5:1, 6:1, while the color lifting belt can only reach 4:1, so the quality is much worse, and can only achieve the maximum load of 10 tons.
However, the white lifting belt is not nothing, it is a pickling maximum benefit is that it can be normally used in some acid and alkali environment, and ultraviolet light can not hurt the full coefficient of the white lifting belt, which is incomparable to the color lifting belt.
So the purchase of lifting belt not only to see the tonnage, but also to see the use of the environment, in order to choose a more suitable for us.
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