How to identify the bearing tonnage of lifting belt

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Lifting belt different colors represent different tonnage, and according to the international execution standard color lifting belt is to distinguish tonnage by color.
Purple represents one ton, green represents two tons, yellow represents three tons, gray represents four tons, red represents five tons, and orange represents ten tons.
General safety factor of domestic is 1:6 or 1:5, but also according to the width of the lifting belt to distinguish the tonnage, 1 ton width of 30 mm, 2 tons width of 50 mm, 3 tons of 75 mm, 4 tons of 100 mm, 5 tons of 125 mm, 6 tons of 150 mm, 8 tons of 200 mm, 10 tons of 250 mm.
Of course, there are also white pickling lifting belts. If there is no color distinction, they are all white, but you can distinguish them according to the width. This kind of lifting belt is non-standard, so there is no reference standard for the specific width.
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