Flat webbing sling production standard

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One of the production specifications for flat webbing sling: Flat lifting belt (including white lifting belt and colorful lifting belt) are 2-4 layers of woven belt sewing. So the ability to lift with lifting load.
There are several skill indicators in the sewing process of flat lifting tape, which are: sewing thread stitch length, sewing thread raw material, whether the sewing thread is straight, and whether the layers of the ribbon are in the same straight direction.
Sewing skill specification for flat lifting belt -- Hebei Dongsheng Sling Manufacturing Co., LTD. -- Lifting belt
Specification for sewing skills for flat lifting lifting belts
The above points will affect the lifting belt bearing force is uniform elements. When sewing several layers of webbing, it looks uneven in the straight direction due to incomplete skills. It is conceivable that it is difficult to ensure that the carrying capacity of the high-strength lifting belt products processed by such sewing skills is 6 times the coefficient of the synthetic fiber lifting belt.
The flat lifting belt specification stipulates that the upper and lower sewing error should not be greater than 3 mm when sewing the lifting lifting belt.
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