What are the performance characteristics of the round sling

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The flexible lifting belt is made of synthetic fiber and processed by weaving equipment and technology. The main commonly used is the ring flexible lifting belt and two ends of the buckle flexible lifting belt, which is mainly composed of the bearing core, lifting belt protective sleeve. The bearing core is a closed bearing core composed of a stepless multi-strand bundle of strong yarn arranged in parallel. Each bundle of strong yarn is made by machine twisting. The protective sleeve is made of special wear-resistant bushing to form a ring type, the protective sleeve only plays a protective role, but not the bearing role, to warn and protect the safe use of the bearing core. If wear does not damage the bearing core, the lifting belt load is almost unaffected. However, the outer yarn of the flat lifting belt bears part of the load. When the outer yarn of the webbing is worn, the load capacity of the lifting belt will be reduced.
There are many kinds of flexible lifting belt protective cover: single layer, double layer, wear resistance strong type can meet a variety of needs.
The elastic elongation of the flexible lifting belt is small, the elongation rate is less than 3%, and the fracture elongation rate is less than 10%
Use temperature range -40℃-100℃.
Production range: 0.5T-1000T, safety factor of 4-8 times.
The flexible lifting belt has the characteristics of light weight, large bearing capacity, softness, non-conductive, etc., providing users with a safe and light lifting tool.
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