What should be paid attention to when the round sling is used

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1, the flexible lifting belt must be checked before each use, check whether the surface of the lifting belt has transverse, from the direction of scratch or cut, edge, soft ring and end parts are damaged, confirm that the lifting belt is good before lifting.
2. Strictly observe the hoisting method coefficient (see Appendix A), and correctly use the hoisting belt.
3, lifting workpiece surface should be smooth, no sharp corners, burrs and edges, apricot should use lifting with special sheath and Angle protection. It is forbidden to use lifting belts to lift objects with sharp corners, burrs and edges directly.
4, when the soft ring is used to hang directly, the diameter of the supporting parts shall not exceed 1/3 of the length of the soft ring. If the bandwidth is greater than 75mm, the soft ring shall not be directly connected with the carabiner and the carabiner. If the bandwidth is less than 75mm, the soft ring can be directly connected with the carabiner and the carabiner.
5. It is not allowed to centrally use the bolted hoisting method without protection.
6. The soft ring shall not be connected with any device that may cause damage to it. The lifting device connected by the soft ring shall be smooth, without any sharp edges, and its size and shape shall not tear the suture or overload the belt.
7. When moving the lifting belt and goods, the lifting belt is not allowed to be dragged anywhere, so as not to damage the surface of the lifting belt.
8, in the bearing shall not be tied or twisted in the state of lifting.
9. It is forbidden to suspend goods with lifting belt for a long time.
10. When the goods stay on the lifting belt, the lifting belt shall not be pulled out from the bearing state to avoid damage to the lifting belt.
11. The lifting belt should avoid being suspended by other objects or subjected to other impact loads in the process of lifting.
12. The opening Angle of soft ring of hoisting belt shall not exceed 200.
13. Loading condition shall not be changed during lifting. If several lifting belts are used at the same time, cloth each lifting belt as far as possible.
14. It is forbidden to connect or lengthen the hoisting belt by tying knots.
15, lifting belt in the use of as far as possible to avoid acid, alkali and other chemical contact, avoid the use of high temperature and Mars splashing place. If the lifting belt is dirty or used in an acid or alkali environment, it should be immediately washed with cool water.
A, polyamide (nylon) : moderate strength of acid corrosion; In humid environment, the strength decreases by about 15%; Not affected by alkali; Ultraviolet light will accelerate its aging.
B, polyester (PES) : in alkali will be damaged; It has moderate acid corrosion resistance.
C. Polypropylene: Acids and bases have little effect on it.
16. When not in use, the lifting belt should be placed on the special storage rack (place). The lifting belt shall not be placed in the vicinity of open flame, open flame operation or other heat sources. Do not leave in the hot sun for long.
17. After daily use, the oil stains on the lifting belt should be wiped clean with clean water and placed on the special storage shelf.
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