What are the performance characteristics of the flexible lifting belt

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Performance characteristics of flexible lifting belt:
1. Round lifting belt is suitable for round lifting.
2. Flexible hoisting belt with high strength and weight, light and soft, easy to use in narrow space.
3. There are many hoisting methods of flexible lifting belt, and the lifting belt is stressed evenly, so that the lifting belt has longer working life. It can also be used to drag the suspended object, and can be attached with anti-wear and anti-cut protective sleeve.
4. The flexible lifting belt is free of danger.
5. The flexible lifting belt is made of PES, and the inner bearing core is surrounded by J-free to form circular PES. The non-stressed sleeve is woven to protect the bearing core.
6. The outer surface of the flexible lifting belt is smooth, which will not cause damage to smooth objects or fragile objects. Especially suitable for lifting rings.
7. The large load of flexible lifting belt Z is 0.5-500 tons, and the effective length is 0.5-80 meters, in line with the Chinese industry standard J551-200 tons.
8. The elastic elongation of the flexible lifting belt is small, 2% under working load and 1% under breaking load 14. Use temperature range -40℃-180℃.
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